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Mercury is a highly toxic metal - Mercury is a highly toxic metal used in many industrial applications including florescent lamps.  If spilled it can seep under floor boards where it remains slowly releasing toxic fumes to the air even after the building has been converted to commercial or residential use.


environmental compliance

Environmental laws and regulations are extensive, burdensome and complex. They are constantly changing making it very challenging for even the most diligent facility to remain fully compliant. Through constant contact with the regulatory agencies and regular training of our employees ECI keeps abreast of the latest federal and state environmental compliance requirements.

Our professional's have participated in the preparation of permit application guidance documents, prepared EPA model permit applications, and provided training and compliance assistance to hundreds of private sector and government clients. ECI has completed numerous projects ranging from media-specific, such as hazardous waste management permitting to comprehensive compliance audits and development and implementation of environmental management systems.

ECI professionals have over 30 years experience with environmental laws and regulations including:

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Hazardous Waste Management Regulations
  • Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know
  • Clean Water Act
  • SPCC /DCR Requirements
  • Clean Air Act
  • Risk Management Planning
  • National Environmental Policy Act

Avoid potential fines and a negative environmental image. Contact ECI online or at (908) 754-1700 to assist with your environmental permitting and compliance needs.