Environmental Compliance, Inc.

LSRPs to perform investigations - The Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP) program which became effective on November 3, 2009 relies on environmental consultants approved as LSRPs to perform investigations and remediation without pre-approval from the NJDEP. The program is intended to streamline the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.


expert services & testimony

ECI has provided technical support to its clients and their legal representatives on a host of litigation and enforcement matters involving insurance litigation, cost recovery, dispute resolution, environmental forensic studies, historical contamination timelines, documentation of observed contamination and regulatory compliance.  Our clients include plaintiffs and defendants representing both private sector and government agencies.

ECI's experts have been called upon to support on a wide range of issues including:

  • Insurance claims and litigation
  • Forensic investigations, data evaluation & interpretation
  • Suitability and effectiveness of site investigations and remediation
  • Technical performance of environmental professionals
  • Ground water migration and contaminant pathways
  • Reasonableness of costs for environmental services
  • Remediation Cost Projections
  • Allocation of responsibility for contaminant releases
  • Determining contaminant release time frames
  • Compliance with hazardous waste management regulations

See Comax and US Postal Service for an example of projects in which we provide expert services and testimony. 

For details on our litigation support capabilities and how we can be of assistance to you, please contact ECI's Principals John Jimenez or Joe Torlucci directly at 908-754-1700 or contact us online.