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Mercury is a highly toxic metal - Mercury is a highly toxic metal used in many industrial applications including florescent lamps.  If spilled it can seep under floor boards where it remains slowly releasing toxic fumes to the air even after the building has been converted to commercial or residential use.


geologic and hydrogeologic studies

ECI's senior geologists and hydrogeologists are the most seasoned in the business, each with 25 to 40 years experience. These certified professionals have completed numerous studies to address geologic hazards, remediation of soil, surface and groundwater contamination, erosion and drainage issues and potable water availability. Services offered by ECI include:

  • Aerial photographic interpretation;
  • Bedrock fracture trace and structural analysis;
  • Fractured bedrock flow characterization studies;
  • Karst (carbonate rock)  bedrock investigations / sink hole identification
  • Bedrock surface contouring;
  • Borehole conductivity & temperature logging & profiling;
  • Design and analysis of aquifer tests;
  • Geologic & hydrostratigraphic mapping;
  • Geophysical surveying and logging;
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) studies;
  • Monitoring well design & installation;
  • In-well saline tracer tests to identify individual transmissive fracture zones;
  • Geophysical well logging to confirm fractures depths and formation correlation.

This Former Nail Polish Manufacturer provides an example of a project that utilized hydrogeologic studies.

Please contact ECI online or at 908-754-1700 to discuss how we can be of service. Our senior professionals stand ready to put their many years of experience to work for you.