Environmental Compliance, Inc.

Plants can cleanup contamination - Plants can cleanup contamination though a process called phytoremediation. In Chernobyl scientists planted sunflowers to remove radioactive uranium from the soil. Closer to home ECI has used poplar trees to remove chlorinated organics from groundwater.




With century-plus old industrial legacies, many metropolitan areas are prime candidates for "Brownfields" redevelopment.  Thousands of underutilized and abandoned properties exist because of known or suspected contamination. Government loan and grant incentives combined with federal and state efforts to ease the regulatory burden and liability associated with contaminated sites make Brownfields sites very attractive for redevelopment.

Key to successful completion of a Brownfields project is the selection of an experienced environmental consulting firm early in the process to identify potential liabilities and integrate appropriate remedial measures into the redevelopment plan. Environmental Compliance, Inc. is that firm. Today ECI is working with many property owners and developers to convert Brownfields sites into housing, office and retail space and even parks.  See the Thomas Edison Brownfields project for an example of our efforts.

Technical services provided by ECI include:

  • Preliminary assessment to identify potential environmental concerns;
  • Site & remedial investigations to assess the presence and extent of contamination;
  • Remedial alternative analysis to select the most appropriate cleanup approach based on proposed use;
  • Demolition & construction oversight to implement and document remedial actions;
  • Preparation of reports and work plans to satisfy regulatory requirements;
  • Expert testimony to obtain planning approvals and in cost-recovery litigation.

We look forward to working with you in developing practical environmental solutions to maximize your capital realization.  Please contact us online or at (908) 754-1700.