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Enhanced Bioremediation - Enhanced bioremediation is a process in which nutrients, oxygen or other materials are introduced to soil or groundwater to speed up the breakdown of contaminants by indigenous or inoculated micro organisms.


comax isra remediation

Long Branch, NJ

  • The Brownfields
  • End of Demolition and Cleanup
  • Removing the Old Foundations
  • Re-construction Begins
  • A New Ballfield

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ECI was retained to decommission this multi tenant industrial complex. The work included remedial investigations, removal of asbestos and hazardous materials, demolition of the buildings, vapor intrusion studies, and complying with ISRA and NJDEP regulations for site remediation. After the site was cleaned up it was converted into a ball park and playground. This project is being completed under the direction of  Joseph Torlucci, the LSRP for this site.

Site Remediation

During the investigation of historical release areas, extensive soil and ground-water contamination with chlorinated organics was detected. ECI excavated the source of the contamination, Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) from under buildings and implemented several remediation methods to address remaining residuals including injection of hydrogen-releasing compound and pyto-remediaton, an effective green remediation technique. The trees used in the pyto-remediation are part of the landscaping at the new park.

Underground Storage Tanks

ECI removed 12 underground storage tanks and 1200 tons of product-contaminated soil. All tanks were closed in accordance with NJDEP and EPA requirements.

PCB Management

An investigation was conducted to address potential contamination from electrical transformers. Remediation included removal of the transformers and contaminated soils.

Litigation Support

ECI provided expert testimony and prepared expert reports based on site evaluations and research of prior tenant operations. The reports became the basis for a cost recovery lawsuit which resulted in a $4.5 million award to ECI's client.

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