Environmental Compliance, Inc.

Plants can cleanup contamination - Plants can cleanup contamination though a process called phytoremediation. In Chernobyl scientists planted sunflowers to remove radioactive uranium from the soil. Closer to home ECI has used poplar trees to remove chlorinated organics from groundwater.



ECI is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm with a strong background in environmental law and regulatory compliance. We have outstanding capabilities in environmental planning, contaminated site remediation, emergency response operations and waste and hazardous materials management.

We have successfully completed over 1000 environmental projects for the private and government sectors. Our clients include law firms, financial institutions, and small to large commercial and industrial businesses located on the east coast and throughout the United States.  Our staff includes engineers, scientists, planners and regulatory experts experienced in applying their respective specialties jointly towards the resolution of complex environmental problems.

Our project experience is diverse including a wide range of projects in the environmental and applied earth sciences from simple environmental assessments to multi-task multi-year contracts at Superfund sites. 

ECI is large enough to handle any environmental project, yet small enough to value your business.  Our clients benefit from the close attention we pay to details and the importance we place on maintaining their trust and satisfaction.