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Plants can cleanup contamination - Plants can cleanup contamination though a process called phytoremediation. In Chernobyl scientists planted sunflowers to remove radioactive uranium from the soil. Closer to home ECI has used poplar trees to remove chlorinated organics from groundwater.


john jimenez, pg, lsrp

Mr. Jimenez is a Licensed Site Remediation Professional, Professional Geologist and Licensed Lead Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor. He holds a NJ license for underground storage tank installation, closure and subsurface evaluation. His field of expertise is in environmental compliance, site remediation and lead-based paint assessments. He has served as an expert witness in site remediation cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants on numerous law suits and enforcement actions. Mr. Jimenez has over 40 years of consulting experience throughout the United States including the Caribbean. His prior experience includes leadership positions at the USEPA in the RCRA, CERCLA and NEPA programs.

Mr. Jimenez has served as the Project Manager on numerous contracts with the US Army, US Coast Guard, Internal Revenue Service and the US Postal Service. These contracts included CERCLA site investigations and remediation, RCRA closures, UST inspections, NEPA Assessments and EMS audits. Mr. Jimenez has completed lead paint surveys and prepared abatement specifications for many projects, including the ongoing Raising of the Roadway of the Bayonne Bridge. He has also completed many remediation projects for the private sector, including complex ISRA sites, involving hexavalent chromium, DNAPL in soil, bedrock and groundwater and vapor intrusion.

He is an active member of his community. He has served as Deputy Mayor, Committeeman, Road Commissioner, Chairman of the Environmental Commission and Open Space Committee, Highlands Commission Liaison and member of the Planning Board. He is cofounder of the Musconetcong Mountain Conservancy.